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+ Rent - a - Plant

Rent - a - Plant

Plants bring life into all interiors, be it your home or workplace. Plants help to clean the air we breathe and provide peace and tranquillity in our often busy lives. Live plants require regular maintenance to keep them fresh and healthy. For this reason, it is advisable to avail a rent and maintenance service for the indoor plants. Our rent and maintenance program includes, design, installation and maintenance.


A no-cost, on-site consultation to discuss your facility's needs. Suggestion of the type of outer planter for a plant, the size of the plant, and the correct plant species that will thrive in specific conditions. Follow up of this consultation with a written proposal.


Installation of your interior scape plants in as little as 7 to 10 business days for most jobs.


Visits by gardener for watering (2-3 times a week) Regular cleaning of foliage and removal of damaged leaves Replacement of sick plants once a month. Replacements are included in the cost of your monthly maintenance fee. Periodic visits by our horticulturist. We provide short-term hire for trade shows, staff functions, product launches and other events.

+ Maintenance of Garden Works

Lawn care

Lawn care includes regular mowing, scarifying and aerating, applying fertilisers, weed and moss killers (using the right product at the right time of year can significantly enhance the health and presentation of your lawn).

Hedging and pruning

This service includes reshaping, trimming, pruning and the removal of roses, shrubs and small trees all year round.

Weed Control

We will keep paths, patios and beds clear of any weeds.

Garden Tidy Ups

We can clear your garden at any time of the year either in stages or all at once, depending on your preferences

Other services

We also offer a wide range of other services like shed and fence treatment, garden repairs, gardening equipment servicing, snow clearance etc.

+ Selling Flower

Selling Flower

We stock a wide variety of exotic plants to hire, lease or rent for special occasions, Corporate events, weddings, exhibitions, photographic & video shoots, flower .

+ Red Soil

Red Soil

We provide you with the best red clay soil which can be used for flowering in your own space.

+ Land Scrapers

Land Scrapers

This basically ties together all the other aspects of garden work that we do. Our services range from design through to creation and maintenance. We also carry out individual projects such as garden Contracting, Development, Selling of Plants etc . We are experienced, professional and fully capable of carrying out all work to suit your individual needs. We have carried out hundreds of projects over the last twelve years and have invested substantial amounts in top quality equipment to ensure that the quality and accuracy of our work is kept to the highest standard Having design experience and qualifications ourselves means we can provide you with a design of the garden as well as detailed construction detailing if needed. We are just as happy to work either alongside your own designer or from other design drawings you may have..

+ Pots Cement And Plastic

Images of POTS

We provide you with the cement pots as well as plastic pots as per your needs. Our collection represents universal eye appeal for contemporary, traditional and transitional landscape design. Budget priced to accomodate multiple plant container choices; Round, Rectangular and Square.

+ Manure

The manure we sell is enviromentally friendly and very effective fertiliser. Using manure as a fertiliser prevents it going to landfill, where noxious gases are left to build up and then harm the environment. We here at Online Manure are committed to saving the planet and hope you are too! Our manure is well rotted so is ready for use and is a great soil improvement if the soil in your area is of a sandy nature. The natural nutrients in horse manure are ideal for growing organic vegetables and also allow plants and flowers to flourish. Horse manure can also be used as a key component of a compost pile. For assistance on where to start making your own compost pile please follow our guide.